FOUR  DIMENSIONS was founded in 1989. It works around all activities associated with the world of travelling, tourism, accommodation and event organization.

FOUR DIMENSIONS’ main goal is to offer an extensive and thorough service, ensuring all our clients’ expectations are fulfilled. This also implies working closely with our clients throughout the project planning and organisation, and providing continuous information on all the implementation phases.

In order to achieve this aim, FOUR DIMENSIONS has 4 important, different elements:
• Professional Team.
• In-depth knowledge of Supply and Demand.
• Extensive, proven experience.
• Efficiency in collateral services.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who are prepared for everything.
As a group our aim is to always ensure our client projects are a success.

Our aim is to guarantee peace of mind and safety at all times to everyone that trusts in our services.
Service, efficiency and profitability in the full sense.

That is how FOUR DIMENSIONS operates.

  • The best ambience for your business
    We offer the best solutions for your events!
  • Optimise your budgets
    Without having to give up any of the details you deserve!
  • Emotional events!
    We can create the perfect ambience to ensure that every moment is special!
  • Comfort and Speed!
    Bookings and most information is managed through our personalised web site!