Corporate Travel Drawer

  • Corporate Travel
    Excellent service quality
    by a team of professionals.
  • Budget Analysis
    Comprehensive budget
    analysis  to adjust costs.
  • Technology
    New and effective
    technologies applied
    to Corporate Travel.
  • Negotiation with Suppliers
    Joint negotiation
    between the company
    and suppliers.

Organizacion Viajes Empresa

The CORPORATE TRAVEL division of FOUR DIMENSIONS has a talented team that not only help you design your trip but also travels with you to provide personalized on-site support.

High added value: PROFESSIONAL travel management.

EExcellent service quality led by professionals who are very experienced in using state-of-the-art technology, flexibility, pro-action and fast challenge solving abilities. Immediate response, responsibility, COMMITMENT, and constant availability: before, during and after the journey.

Spot-on proposals: Due to our innovative profile and commitment to offer a high quality service, we can balance quality, price and methods of payment..

Analysis of your Travel policy and Saving Opportunities.

Four Dimensions analyses and monitors the travelling costs of corporate passengers to detect and recommend possible savings.
Our aim is to offer your organisation a high standard of quality and service, while also implementing creative and innovative ideas and processes that can effectively reduce your corporate travelling costs.


The innovative capacity of FOUR DIMENSIONS is a continuous improvement process that accompanies the CONTINUOUS technological development within the Corporate Travel industry.

New and effective virtual tools, the latest technology developments of our suppliers are all assimilated and optimised by our team according to the company’s resource optimisation: improving prices, the quality of hired services and offering faster AND more detailed information.

Negotiation with Suppliers.

To define the routes and services most required by your company and the expected levels of quality.
To define potential suppliers who comply with corporate objectives.
Joint negotiation with suppliers and the company.
Follow-up and fulfilling negotiation.

Result: Immediate, high quality services for your employees and proven cost DECREASE for your company.

  • Advanced Airline ticket Search, including LOW COST companies.
  • Optimum accommodation search anywhere in the world.
  • Long stay accommodation.
  • Electronic tickets for trains, boats, either national or international.
  • Specially negotiated rates for car hire.
  • Private luxury transport services.
  • Private Jet – Helicopter Hiring.
  • Full meeting services.